The secret gift King Frederik gave wife Mary on HIS 56th birthday (2024)

King Frederik has honoured his wife Queen Mary with a rare and priceless gift on the morning of his 56th birthday - amid rumours their relationship is in trouble.

The King honoured his Australian-born Queen with theGrand Commander's Cross of the Order of the Dane.

The honour has been given sparingly throughout history - with just seven title holders alive today including Queen Margrethe and Prince Joachim.

King Frederik and his brother, Prince Joachim were the last recipients of the rare prize, and were awarded it in 2004.

Only eight people are admitted to the order at any one time - now Queen Mary has been given the honours just one place remains.

TheOrder of the Dannebrog honours the faithful servants of the modern Danish state for meritorious civil or military service, for a particular contribution to the arts, sciences or business life, or for working for Danish interests.

Once known as the 'White Knights', the order was initially limited to royal and noble men - before Christian the 8th broke the tradition in 1840 by awarding it to his auntQueen Marie Sophie Frederikke.

King Frederik has honoured his wife Queen Mary with a rare and priceless gift on the morning of his 56th birthday - amid rumours their relationship is in trouble

The royal couple appeared to be at ease as they appeared on the balcony of Amalienborg castle together in hounour of Frederik's first birthday as King.

Queen Mary stunned on the balcony in a pink puff-sleeved dress by numero ventuno, (Number 21), she wore her hair down and wore a simple gold watch, necklace and earrings for the occasion.

Her daughters Princess Isabella and Princess Josephine both wore hand-me-downs courtesy of their very fashionable mother.

Princess Isabella wore the ‘Aliane’ Wrap Midi Dress by Zimmermann, worth $1100.

While Princess Josephine opted for theBelted Burnout Viscose Linen Dress by Paul and Joe Paris.

The couple appeared more familiar than they have in months, as they waved from the balcony

The King's 56th birthday is his first since taking the top job

Both Princesses opted to keep their accessories light, and their hair out mimicking their mum's relaxed look.

Royal watchers appeared pleased to see the popular royal couple hand-in-hand as they smiled at the crowd below.

They jittered in excitement when the Queen brushed past her husband gently and in their once signature 'tactile and care-free' style.

'Congratulations on your birthday, lovely to see the whole family on the balcony,' one woman said.

The King honoured his Australian-born Queen with the Grand Commander's Cross of the Order of the Dane

'They feel warm again,' said another.

The couple's relationship has been under the microscope since Last November when the then Crown Prince was pictured on a night out in Madrid with socialite Genoveva Casanova.

Lecturas reported that, during their night out, Prince Frederik and Ms Casanova visited a Pablo Picasso exhibition, walked through El Retiro Park and later went out for dinner.

At around 7pm, Lecturas claimed both Frederik and Genoveva went to her apartment building separately, and both re-emerged at around 9pm, two hours later, both having changed their clothes into evening wear.

In the photos, Genoveva had ditched her chic camel coat with a tie belt in favour of a white shirt, black wide-leg trousers and a black jacket worn on her shoulders.

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Meanwhile Frederik appeared to have changed from a navy jacket and brown trousers into a white shirt and dark trousers with a smart dark jacket. Again, they were reported to have emerged from the building separately, but got into the same white car.

The magazine claimed the pair watched a flamenco performance at a Spanish restaurant, El Corral de la Moreria, which finished at midnight.

It also claimed they remained at their table, which had been flanked by two of the Danish Prince's bodyguards, while other customers left, waiters finished up their shifts and the lights were being switched off.

Lecturas claimed the pair did not emerge from the restaurant until 1am, when they walked out onto the street and got in a car. In a 'gesture of courtesy', Lecturas reports Prince Frederik opened the car door for his dinner companion.

Next day, the magazine claims the heir to the Danish throne was taken to the airport via car where he flew home to Denmark.

The secret gift King Frederik gave wife Mary on HIS 56th birthday (2024)


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