Share an Outlook calendar with other people (2024)

Note:If the steps under thisNew Outlooktab aren't working for you, you may notbe using new Outlook for Windows yet. Select theClassic Outlooktab and follow those steps instead.

  1. On the Home tab, select Share calendar, and if necessary, select which calendar you want to share.

  2. Type whom to share with in the Enter an email address or contact name box. If the person's name appears in a list, select it, otherwise press Enter.

  3. Choosea permission level (Can view all details, etc.) for the person from the dropdown and select Share. To add more names, repeat steps 2 and 3.

The following video will demonstrate how to share an Outlook calendar with a work or school account.

Share an Outlook calendar with other people (1)

To learn how to access a calendar that's been shared with you, seeAccess a shared mailbox.

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In Outlook, you have the option to:

Share your calendar | Stop sharing your calendar | Share a calendar by publishing | Share your calendar in email | Additional information | Fix issues

Stop sharingyour calendar

At any time you can revoke access to your calendar.

Note:It may take a while for Microsoft 365 and the user's Outlook to sync and remove the view to your calendar

  1. SelectCalendar.

  2. On the ribbon, select the Folder tab, then selectCalendar Properties.

  3. Select the Permissions tab, and under Currently sharing with, select the user's name and then choose Remove.

  4. SelectOK.

Share a calendar by publishing it to a web page

If you have access to a web server that supports the World Wide Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) protocol, you can publish your calendar there.

Note:Not sure if your server supports WebDAV? Your server administrator or internet service provider (ISP) should be able to tell you.

  1. SelectCalendar.

  2. SelectHome > Publish Online > Publish to WebDAV Server.


    • If your email account uses Exchange, you will see Publish This Calendar, instead of the option to publish to a WebDAV server. This lets you publish your calendar directly to an Exchange Server. In the window that opens, select the publishing options you want, and click Start Publishing.

    • If you're using Microsoft 365, you can still publish your calendar to a WebDAV server, but you must first remove{Anonymous:CalendarSharingFreeBusySimple} from the sharing policy. This will prevent you from publishing your calendar to Exchange in the future, however.

  3. In the Location box, enter the location of the WebDAV server, select any other publishing options you want, and then selectOK.

Share your calendar in an email

If you don't want to give someone permissions to share your calendar and see updates, you can email a static copy of your calendar for a specific date range. The recipient will be able to see the events on your calendar at the time you sent the email, but not any updates you make after you send the email.

Note:This feature is no longer available with Outlook for Microsoft 365.

  1. SelectCalendar.

  2. SelectHome > E-mail Calendar.

    Share an Outlook calendar with other people (2)

  3. In the Calendar and Date Range boxes, pick the calendar and time period you want to share. For example, choose Today only or for the Next 7 days.

    Share an Outlook calendar with other people (3)

  4. Set any other options you want, and then selectOK.

  5. In the new email that opens, add who you want the message to go to in the To field, add a message if you want, and select Send.

The person you sent your calendar to will see a snapshot of your calendar in the message.

Share an Outlook calendar with other people (4)

The message also includes an attached iCalendar (.ics) file that they can open in Outlook or another calendar program. When the recipient clicks the iCalendar file, Outlook displays the file as a new calendar that they can view side-by-side with their calendar. They can drag appointments or meetings between the two calendars and find a time that works for both of you.

Additional information to provide to recipients

After sharing your calendar, have recipients review the following information about opening shared calendars.

To open a calendar in a Microsoft 365, Exchange Online environment, seeHow to enable and disable the Outlook calendar sharing updates.Otherwise, if you are using Exchange On-Premises or other email accounts such as, see the following articles as applicable.

  • Outlook for Windows: Open another person's Exchange Calendar

  • Outlook on the Web: Manage someone else's calendar in Outlook on the web

  • Outlook for Mac: Open a shared Exchange calendar in Outlook for Mac

  • Outlook for Mobile: How do I open a shared calendar?

  • Share your calendar in

Fix issues sharing your calendar

If you don't have the option to share your calendar (it's greyed out), it's because the admin/IT support for your business has set a policy to prevent the people from sharing calendars.

Share an Outlook calendar with other people (2024)


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