DISTANCE - Amazon Web Services · 2019. 10. 6. · Wattie D 328PioneerRd 678-6620 Watts Peter 915 9St 678-4800 Webster Shawn 2176rizzlyCr 678-6150 Weeks E 12LarchCr 678-5301 WeigheH - [PDF Document] (2024)


    Walton P K 509RivefRd 678-4332Wamsteeker Nick 334Hoo(iooCr678-2149

    Windsor D 300HoodooCr 678-5709

    Windsor Tom 303LarchPlace 678-4199Winfield D Andrew 633 lOSt678-5543Wing Scott 308PloneerRd 678-4798Winters Bruce216CougarPolntRd 678-2528Witham N Boxi04 678-5117Wittal Greg822cl0St 678-6175Wohlgemuth Don 135Restwe)ITrtrCrt ..678-6179Wojtowicz Dale 3CougafCrt 678-2894Wolf Bill 27 1530 7Av678-2834Wolff M 24 1119Ra»wayAv 678-4421Wolny Tfiomas 678-5743WoodDonald L 176RestwelTrlrPk 678-4266

    Wood S 252ThreeStstersDr 678-2091Wood Tom 7 1065EvergreenClrde678-4552Woodley Edward K SRestweHTrlrCrt... 678-5206Woodwark BillBox2128 678-6966Woodwark H 911LafchPlace 678-5944Woollings W DonBoxl755Banff 678-5048Woolsey Glenn 1006 16St 678-6396WorthingtonWayne 1102 13SI 678-6430Wotton Richard lllSettterWy 678-6704WozniakL 36 1530 7Av 678-6783Wright G Boxl522 678-2969Wright James A 35920 13St 678-4173Wright R lllSLarchPlace 678-6943Wright S255ThreeSlstefsDr 678-5195Wright Tony 622 3St 678-2537Wright Tracey8 1530 7Av 678-2932Wuitchik M 707LarchPlace 678-6132Wurst Darryl 281530 7Av 678-5645Wyss Jakob 307ThreeSistersDr 678-4223

    EXSHAWSee also Kananaskis for othercustomers located In thisarea.

    «« , V act Llatlngt:AGT SERVICE CALLS

    distance diaung .... iDIAUNG 0

    directory ASSISTANCE FORLocal Numbers & calling

    sfMs lirted below l + 411Numbers in other Alberta

    Locations(No Charge) 1 + 555-1212

    outside Alberta(No Charge)



    Phone 1-800-242-3447RESIDENCE SERVICES

    (TollFree) 1 + 530-8100(Hours 8 AM to 4:30 PM

    Monday to Friday)GENERAL INQUIRIES

    (Main Switchboard)Cfoll Free) 1 + 530-4200

    EMERGENCY CALLS("911" Does Not Apply)

    FIRE AURM ONLY 673-3773POLICE— RCMP Canmore 678-5516AMBUUNCECanmore 678-5454HOSPITAL Canmore 678-5536POISON CENTRE

    (No Charge Dial) . 1-800-332-1414If Busy Call ... Calgary1-670-1414

    LOCAL CALLING AREAYou can call without toll

    charges fromExshaw to the following

    placesCanmoreKananaskisJust dial the "seven" digit

    numberAccounts May Be Paid At:

    any Treasury Branch orChartered Bank

    WAR-BUCKCONSTRUCTION LTD1202 2Av 678-5166CeSUar 678-7736

    Ward Chris 1342 lAv 678-5241Ward J & D SLarcJiCr678-2296Ward Scott lOlSettlerWy 678-5554Wardle James Sl44Restweirrrm.... 678-2639Warminski A Boxes 678-5457Warner C678-5010Warner Donald il4EikSt 678-5338Warren J M Dr 4l8BowRiverOr678-5691Warwick Bob Boxll 678-2085Watchel B 830 4St 678-6591WatsonBrad 829 sst 678-2240Watson Doug 704 700LardiPtoce 678-4383WatsonKenneth 630 ist 678-4403Watson W Cecil 534 7St 678-6390Watt M 4303St 678-5455Wattie D 328PioneerRd 678-6620Watts Peter 915 9St678-4800Webster Shawn 2176rizzlyCr 678-6150Weeks E 12LarchCr678-5301WeigheH E 1430 2Av 678-5771WEIGHT WATCHERS OF ALBERTA

    LTD(No Charge Dial) 1-800-272-8862

    Weisenburger J E818 7si 678-5204Wellings .Larry 506LarchPlace678-6518Wellington M 920 l4St 678-6930Welykochy Jim llSSprayOr678-4859Wentzloff Wayne Mis 1530 7Av ... 678-2108Wenzel Wolfgang678-6886Werner Greg 104 illOHospitaiPlace .. 678-2746Weski R 113200ThreeSisterOr 678-2780West Ben L 958 13St 678-5692Sjestbowplumbing heating &

    6ASFITTING LTD ofcbox1980 678-4516

    West Derek lllOHosplialPl 678-5623Westbury T 713RlverRd678-2722Westcott RonaldH 629 3St 678-2418W^TERN WOODWORK

    60x455 678-2227WeVS Mike Box487 678-4491Wh^en Mark 7630 3St678-2642Whalen N 912L3rcli«ace 678-6640Wheeler S 316S«vertipClose678-2080whelan Charles J Jr

    092 3ThreeSistefsOr 678-5929K 678-5084

    Az-rentc Ro«102S AOfi.SdCS


    SCHOOL 1316RaawayAv ...678-4164Yarwood Doug 215LadyMacOonakJDr.. 678-2632Vates John C 22PinewoodCr 678-6877

    Yates Kevin 179R^wellTr(rCrf 678-6839Yavorsky G & L 626 2St678-6091

    YE OLDE FUDGERY801 8 St. .678-2898

    Yeats Keith 169 502 3Av 678-4633

    Yetman Barb ll 1730 liAv 678-4174

    AGT LIMITEDFor Detailed Listings See Page 1General InquiriesMain Switchboard


    (Ton Free) Calgary 1-530-420'jResidence & Single LineBusiness(To*Free) Calgary 1-530-810*AGT Phone Centre

    223Beaver St Banff 762-569^Adams Paul R LacDesArc 673-351*Agar KT SFortressMntWy 673-375*AIDS/SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED

    DISEASE INFORMATION(No Charge Dial) 1-800-772-2437

    AltonBryanSeebe 673-222^ALBERTA 1ST CALL

    (No Charge Dial) 1-800-242-344*Allen Ed 23MtAllenDr 673-246^

    Whimsical Accents Boxl925 678-5458 Young A8 1730 ilAv678-6371Whitbread HEButch l26CoyoteWy .. 678-2679 Youna Doua325SilveniDCiose 678-6054fflte Cliff lOlS.lASf. 678-4130

    Young Doug 325Silvertipaose 678-6054Young K 826 5St 678-2735

    WhjJ® }5k^ntain Tours Ltd Box2294 . 678-4099 1530 7Av 678-2278Xhe T... • •••••••••• 678-6552 R116CoyoteWy 678-5248

    David R 1214 2Av 678-4556Young Larry 30 1530 7Av 678-2278

    iuhiteley Brad i8fi4acDonaidPiace 678-4279 Youngberg Gwhltdock•'X Zabloski Don 324PioneerRd 678-2588

    RcSiJ ats-ijuYYj '̂SSer Ken 737a3St 678-4312 ^ HarvieHgts678-5930XS tieJ2702 351 ; 678-6794 678-4972fflSis S 678-2239Zarchekoff G1229 17St 678-6791wl^ll BW502 500LardiPlace 678-4025Zboya Peter 830 3St 678-5258Wi^ox Grant 293Grinlya 678-2582 ZeegersGerard 1104LarchCr 678-4903

    Youngberg G B 678-4195

    S 678-2239678-4025

    wiirOX uroi" — 678-2582Wilkinson Ian lOARummelPlace 678-2647Zerr CBsmtl015RundleviewDr 678-2954

    J 678-6898

    ^tbpes —• Kara™»is SM-7227.iiBfams HlOlLarchPlace 678-6417S SmsJG6Rivefv^lace 678-2247^!!l!®iTK MA529 3St 678-4958l^iujantfMars'*®" 902 loio-diiiiipicbr 678-2103*!( Mants peter 157CoyoleWy678-4703*?(!!!!®ins RT265BowRiverOr 678-4^7

    678-4586S 678-2774678-6633678-6197678-2587678-4924678-4090vjg;Bert Enesmfcc,6,5:5;^

    XEn lOoawPte., 67848WvSilSon D 678-4499SJikon J®"®"!??: -678-5003Wilson R®" 243ThreeSetersDr 678-5034ffinNL 630 4St 67^67MwMn W C 206810 lost 678-^03ffio RIDGE CONSTRUCTION ^*^00x1013678-4680

    JvOjiafh? SVY!!!""fl

    5 Ssey •213 200ThreeSistefsOr ; 678-4924.uiicoO 4 R913900LarchPlace .'' 67rIS

    VViNfTi Je'freVfmtlOGSlarcliiiface

    Zidek Peter 301LarchPlace 678-2808

    730 9St .678-2101Zilligen H 317HoodooCr 678-4600Zimmermann Karl678-5901Zsovak S 678-5648Zuege P Dr lOl 200ThreeSislersOr678-5889


    COLUMBIA ICEFIELD—Saskatchewan RiverCrossing, Red DeerTelephoneDirectory



    STATION— See Banff


    Canmore 678-5454Canmore 678-619#

    Andersen Jacob Box224 673-2201Anderson Barbara J L673-3503Anderson R O 673-3925Andrews R W BowValleyProvincialPk ...673-3824

    ANIMALCONTROL Canmore 678-4244

    Ashton Paul 673-3515Autocal

    Edmonton - Ca« '0' Operator (No Charge) & *Ask For Zenith22249 t

    Baltrusaitis E J Seebee 673-359JBarber P James lacDesArcs673-3831Baymag Plant No 1 673-3880

    Fax 673-3767 ;Calgary Customers Direct Line (No i

    Charge) 234-0203 ^Baymag Plant No 2-Gap Lake 673-379®Fax673-3825Calgary Customers Direct Line (No

    Charge) 237-7332Beasse S M 673-2343Behr Ed 673-2341Beisel Don673-2178BelangerGerald P E 673-37^Bemauer A J 673-383®BilawkaLSeebe 673-3597


  • Billingham D J 673-2131Borsa Osvaldo 673-3580Bow CorridorContinuing Education

    CourKil 335BcaverSt Banff 762-8114Bow Valley Provincial Parkstaff

    Quarters 673-9904Bradley R M 32BarrierMtnDr 673-3932Bridge W28WindridgeRd 673-3599Briggs Uoyd LacDesArcs 673-3690Bristow JamesBoxl64 673-3629Bristow John 128SCprTrack 673-3841Brooks D12MountLaurieRd 673-3820Bruce Jim 9Mountl.aurieRd 673-2366BrudJozes Box36 673-3978Bryan L E LacDesArcs 673-3772BURIED CABLELOCATION SERVICE

    (No Cfiarge Dial) 1-800-242-3447Burnett Kim SMountlaurleRd673-2244Butkiewicz Bernard Box27l 673-3856Byatt S Brian7MountLoretteDr 673-2465

    C F H C RADIO749RailwayAv Canoiore 678-2222

    C P RAIL- See Canadian F^cific Ltd

    Cameron Darcy 673-2233Cameron Dennis 673-3532Cameron EmergencyServices

    21MtlVlcGilivaryDr 673-3653CANADA POST CORPORATION

    (vo'r aussi Societe canadiennedes postes)Exshaw 673-3959

    Canadian Airlines International Ltd(No Charge Dial)1-800-372-9508


    Carload Freight-Call Long Distance (No Toll(3iarge) & AskFor Zenith 07375

    Cartoad Rates (NoChargeDiaf).1-800-361-5647


    1412 Railway Av Canmore 678-6264After Hours CallCalgary245-7222

    CANMORE AUTOPARTS (1985)733 Raiway Av Canmore 678—5525

    Cardinal Edward llMountAllenDr 673-3548Carswell DA673-3635Cassin C 673-2471Central Air Conditioning

    Vancouver - Call '0' Operator (No Charge) &Ask For Zenith08879

    Cole B Seebe 673-3931Cole Micheal 673-2166CONTINENTAL LIME LTD673-3595

    Fax Line 673-3979Answering Service 673-3598

    • Calgary Customers Direct Line (NoCharge) (264-1252

    1264-1253Quarry Office Canmore 678-4103PlantManager Res673-3523Asst PlantManager Res Canmore 678-2754Maintenance ForemanRes .... Canmore 678-5723

    Cooke Francis 14BarrierMtnDr 673-2133Coombs Bruce 673-3569CordsR 673-3583Court James A 673-3567Court Ron 49WindridgeRd673-2363Court William Box216 673-3516Cowley & BrewsterPublishing Inc

    Seebe 673-2277Craig Donald BoxlSl 673-3965Craig Richard soxis673-3606Craig Robert 673-3518Craig Robert John Jr ASWindridgeRd..673-3861

    CRIME STOPPERS(No Charge Dial) 1-800-242-8477

    Crowder M G 673-3989CRYSTAL GLASS CANADA LTD

    224 River Av Cochrane 932-2929CummingsRoy A Seebe673-2129Cummings Terry 673-2488CzankD 673-2322Davis M7MountMcgiHivaryDr 673-3540Davis Thomas 0 LacDesArcs 673-3614DeBeerJonker F Box262 673-3514DeConey Pamela 673-2393DeGagne Gerald673-3584Deglow Allen 673-3658den Boer J C LacDesArcs 673-3769

    Deon Vemon ASWmdridgeRd 673-3594DeSutter Joseph J Boxll9Canmore... 673-3802Devins C A 673-3678Dixon G H Box46 673-3679Dixon H WLacDesArcs 673-3785Dunn C 7KananaskisVillage 673-2371Dyrgas DarrelSeebe 673-2221Ebsworth Donald LacDesArcs 673-3685Ede W J LacDesArcs673-3812Egger M 2MtMc6invafyDr 673-3573Elliot Bruce 673-3779ElliottJack R 673-3523Elliott Shane SlFortressMtnWy 673-3926Else JLacDesArcs 673-3630Environment Council Of Alt>erta

    Cal '0' Operator (No (3iarge) & AskFor Zenith 06075

    ESSO DISTRIBUTORCPRRightOfWay Banff 762-2530

    Exshaw Community Centre 673-3999Exshaw Community Library673-3571EXSHAW SCHOOL 673-3656


    RES 673-3553Maintenance 673-3758

    EXSHAW SCHOOL DISTRICT 1699Box340 Canmore 678-4303

    Faupel Helmut i33dAv 673-3806Fedorus John 673-3578Fifield TBMountMcGiPivrayOr 673-3585

    FIRE ALARM ONLY 673-3773Fisher A J L LacDesArcs 673-3694FladagerD 6BarrierMtnDr 673-2377Fraser Don 673-3520Fraser John D Jr Box6673-3521Fraser Kenneth 3FortressMountainWy .. 673-3854Garcia Manuel13MountMcGiiivaryDr ... 673-3853Gardener Brian 673-3502Gee FrankSeebe 673-2439Gendarmerie Royale Du Canada

    Elk Run Bfvd & Hvry 1Plahites 24 H Canmore678-5516Administration - Info Canmore 678-5519

    Gibson 8 lllKnowterCr 673-3891Ciignac Denis 673-3967GillespieJohn D N Dr LacDesArcs 673-3946Gordey Peter 673-3781Gorovich PLacDesArcs 673-3509GOVERNMENT OF ALBERTA

    TO BE CONNECTED TO YOURCLOSEST RITE CENTRE DIAL"0' 8i ASK FORZenith 22333Deaf Hearing & Speech Impaired

    Information-T D D Number

    (No Charge DiaO 1-800-232-7215Career Information Hotline- Call'0' Operator

    (No Charge)SAskFor Zenith 22140Child Abuse Hot Line 24 HrEmergency - Cal

    '0' Operator(NoCharge) &AskFor Zenith1234MunicipalAffairs

    Home Improvement Office - (^1 '0'Operator (No Charge) &AskFor Zenith 22093

    Recreation & ParksKananaskis Country - C^tralDistrictDistrict H Q

    Barrier Lake Visitor Information

    Centre 673-3985Bow ValeyProvkicial Park 673-3663CampgroundReservations

    (May-Sept) 673-2163Campgrounds

    Wilow Rock 673-2107Bow Valey 673-3663

    Kananaskis CountryPlanning & Construction673-3687MechanicalShop 673-3663

    Transportation& Utilities Canmore 678-5342Graham DavidSLacDesArcsSt 673-3803Grischkat L IMountLoretteDr 673-3676Hall DSam Scebe 673-3691Harris John P LacDesArcs 673-3929Hass Glen673-3581Hass Wayne 673-3745Heart Mountain Store & ServiceCentre

    BHeartMountainDr 673-2473Heath Brian SMountMcGilHvaryDr673-2262Henry Burman 673-3553Hildenbrand Diana St Doug673-2158Hildenbrand Ray 673-3530Hoffman Frank Mrs 673-3776HoffmanGraham 673-3821Hoffman Lorna M 673-3680Hoffman Neil SlWindridgeRd673-2177Hoffman Ralph 673-3800Hoffman Wayne 673-3921Hofman DarwinllPigeonMtnDr 673-2345Hofman R T 673-3693Hogarth R Boxll2673-3874Hogarth W A Box281 673-3538

    EXSHAW 75

    HOSPITAL .. Canmore 678—5536Huskins M 673-2149Hutchinson CLacDesArcs 673-2383Isfeld Irvin 673-2414Jaeger Rod 673-2446JarmanGrant 673-3646Jeff Williams Log Structures

    ExshawIndustrialPark 673-3577Cellular 678-0109Res Canmore678-6633

    Jenik A J 32HartRdLacDesArcs 673-3501Johnson E W R LacDesArcs673-3596Jones C 673-3664Jorgensen Ann 673-2393Jorgenson J G23MountMcGilivaryOr... 673-3536Justice Terry 673-3933KananaskisGuest Ranch Seebe 673-3737KANANASKIS JUNCTION SERVICE

    TransCanadaHwy 673-3513Kaiisson L 13PigeonMountainDr673-3969Kelly Dale W 673-3842Kelly R Mrs 673-3641Kine L Boxl87673-3778King Fred LacDesArcs 673-3762Knight Donald K LacDesArcs673-3784Kopp Brad 673-3565Lafarge Canada Inc 673-3815

    If Busy Cal 673-3533Fax Line 673-3975

    Lambert Albert 673-3934Laslo B lOHartCr 673-3617Lawrence KimHwy40 673-2190Lazzarotto Jino A 673-3543Lazzarotto Ronald673-3554Lettel A E Seebe 673-2231Lebel C 673-3616Lee Patricia MrsOKnowlerPlace 673-3698Leibel Lee SSWindridgeRd 673-3627LekicEleanor Mrs 673-3647Le Sann Alain LacDesArcs 673-3528Lesnak StephenBoxl24 673-3546Levstik A Box206 673-3764Ling V A Mrs Boxl94673-3747Lock G LacDesArcs 673-3734Love S 673-2242Lyie Don673-2447Lyster Ken Seebe 673-2101Lyster Rick L 673-3885Madsen Soren673-3586Madsen Tony Box304 673-3939Magnus W 673-3754Maloff John JBox184 673-3649Mann Richard 673-2171Mantie Don IMountKiddCr673-3865Mantle Gary 673-2255MANTIE'S TRUCKING & BACKHOE

    SERVICE Box2111 Canmore 678-6916Matheson James BoxlOS673-3770Mattson C Mrs Boxl45 673-3632McDonald R 673-3986McGinn J LLacDesArcs 673-3952Mclntyre A G 32WindridgeRd 673-3783McKenna Ken& Reta 673-2145McKenzie Robert 673-3811McNab Derrick673-3564McTaggart Charles 673-3677McTaggart M G 673-3670MerrillsJames 673-3550Mikkelsen J Box244 673-3742Milne Michael F673-3558Misura W B 673-3619Moir Ross A Boxl92 673-3941MolitorMarvin Seebe 673-2399

    MONARCH CABLE T VLTDMaling Addr Box 1989 Canmore TOL OMO

    715RailwayAv Canmore 678-5973If Busy Call 678-5961

    Moro Guido 673-3659Motter J 673-3634

    MOUNT KIDD R V PARKKananask's Country Kananaskis 591-7700

    Mueller D 31FortressMtnWy 673-3926Municipal District Of BighornNo 8

    2HeartMoontainDr 673-3611Public Workshop 20MountAllenDr673-3655Calgary Customers Direct Line (No

    Charge) 233-7680Nardino A 673-3683Nellson Anthony6PigeonMountainOr ... 673-2295NEISH D ELECTRIC LTD

    901 13St Canmore678-5726


    Nelson C 673-3650Nelson Glenn 14HeartCr 673-3582Nelson Ruben F WLacDesArcs 673-3689Neudorf John 673-3668New Concept Auto Parts673-2199Newijort Edward 8c Janette

    Boxl710Banff 673-3823Niebel John i3LodefMtnDr673-3544Ollenberger G 673-3648Ollenberger Tim 673-3863Oltmann R673-3832Ombudsman-Alberta

    Cal '0' Operator (No (^rge) & AskFor Zenith 22422

    Cftellley Michael 673-3897Ostrom W C Box294 673-3837Parsons D JLacOcsArcs 673-3847Pasemko R 673-2420Peterson Richard Norman673-3973PETRO-CANADA

    CUSTOMER SERVICE UNE(No Charge Dial) 1-800-668—0220SERVICES A LACLIENTELEAucuns Frais-Composez .. 1-800-668-0222

    Peyto J 673-3782Podmoroff 0 Box456 673-2485Podmoroff DannyBoxi346 673-3621

    POISON CENTRE(No Charge DiaO 1-800-332-1414If Busy Calgary1-670-1414

    POLICE RCMP- SeeRoyal CanadianMounted PoTioe

    Post Office - See Canada Post Corporation

    Postes Canadades postes

    voir Societe canadienne

    Preshaw Roy M Dr LacDesArcs 673-3928RCMP- See Royal CanadianMounted Police

    Rae Dale Seet>e 673-3597Raffe P 673-3603

    Smyth Don IransCanadaHwy 673-3692Smyth Ron 673-2367Societecanadienne des postes

    (See Also CanadaPost Corporation)(pour les points de ventevoir

    Canada Post Corporation)Service a la clientele

    Renseignements sur les codes postauxAucuns frais-composez ...1-800-665-8793

    Renseignements generauxAucuns frais

  • Campbell C L KananaskisVillage 591-7117CANADIAN PACIFIC HOTELS&

    RESORTSReservations(No Charge Dial) 1-800-268-9411Lodge AtKananaskis 591-7711Hotel Kananaskis 591-7711

    CASCADE SHIRTS &SPORTSWEARLodgeAtKananaskis 591-7009

    Chapman Bill 591-7513Cieslak Dana 591-7507Clarke M591-7047Cochand Emile 591-7669Corda Robin Box292 591-7196CouillardJames FortressMountain 591-7168

    CRIME STOPPERS(No Charge Dial) 1-800-242-8477

    Crooks N C 591-7955Dempster Robert 591-7505Dick D 591-7450DregerBill 591-7104Drouin Daniel Boxl30 591-7944Dunbar P 591-7230EatonJoseph MtAllen 591-7616Elmik Kristjan 591-7269Endo M 591-7512FamhamJohn 591-7438Fenton Jaynel Box1163 591-7800

    FIRE ALARM ONLY 591-7767NonEmergency 591-7755

    Firman Uoyd A Kananaskislake 591-7405Fitch Chris MtKiddRvPark591-7988Flemming M 591-7169Forties Jack 591-7958Fortin Julie591-7309FORTRESS JUNCTION SERVICE

    LTD FortressJunction 591-7371


    Fox T 591-7468Frank Carmen 591-7085Frank V 591-7366French C MRibbonCreek 591-7976G S Y Management Group Ltd

    Box82KananaskisVilge Calgary 247-2537Gallagher Anne RKananasklslodge 591-7867Gedd^ Robert ManorSS 591-7027(gendarmerieRoyale Du Canada — 591-7707Giesbrecht C 591-7872Godfrey C W591-7157Gkilf Shop At Kananaskis The

    LodgeAtKananaskis 591-7151GOVERNMENT OF ALBERTA

    TO BE CONNECTED TO YOURCLOSEST RITE CENTRE DIAL•0' & ASK FORZenith 22333Deaf Hearing& Speech Impaired

    Information-T D D Number(No Charge Dial) 1-800-232-7215

    Career Information Hotline-Call '0' Operator(No Charge) &AskFor Zenith 22140

    ChildAbuse Hot Line 24 Hr Emergency - Call'0' Operator (NoCharge) &Ask For Zenith 1234

    Forestry Lands & WildlifeForest Service ) 591-7155KananaskisBoundry Ranger Station )

    MunicipalAffairsHome Improvement Office-Call '0' Operator

    (No Chage) & Ask For Zenith 22093Public Works Supply&Services Canmore 678-4599Recreation & Parks

    Peter Lougheed ProvParkOffice 591-7222Peter Lougheed Prov ParkEmergency

    591-7444Wiiam Watson Lodge Handicapped

    FacHity 591-7227Spray District Office Canmore 678-5533CampgroundReservation (May-Sept) . 591-7226

    Transportation &Utilities 591-7124Graham George 591-7982

    i Griffin Brian 591-7341I Groenewegen D 591-7674I GuinnOutfitters Ltd1 Box44KananaskisViHage 591-7171' Guinn Rick BoxlOO591-7576

    Harrison Gordon 591-7103Henitiuk Ken 591-7527Hicks Ryan591-7178HicksS 591-7954Hill BruceHill John FortressMountain591-7692Hillis Bruce 591-7102

    Hnatiuk J 591-7870Hoffman Amold 591-7545Honeyman JayBox20l6Canmore 591-7303Hopland Ray 591-7194Home Steven591-7106Homung Rocky 591-7017

    HOSPITAL .. Canmore 678—5536HOTEL KANANASKIS 591-7711HUGHES KENM P

    Call "C Operator (No Charge) & Ask

    For Zenith 22444Jackson Peter 591-7097James Phillip BoxlooExshaw591-7368Jang Ming 591-7687Jensen John 591-7388Joanis Mark591-7271Johnston Billy KananasklsProvincialPark . 591-7838JohnstonDavid 591-7067Jull P S LowerKananaskisLake 591-7929KananaskisBudget 591-7607KANANASKIS COUNTRY GOLF

    COURSETee Time Reservations Golf Season

    Only 591-7272Administration Office 591-7070

    Kananaskis Emergency Services Fax 591-7123Kananaskis FireService

    Fire Alarm 591-7767Ambulance 591-7767Business Number591-7755

    KANANASKIS GUESTRANCH Seebe Exshaw 673-3737

    KANANASKIS INN 591-7500No Charge Dial 1-800-372-9577

    Kananaskis Kids LodgeAtKananaskis ... 591-7236

    KANANASKIS TAXI .591-7667Banff Area Customers No Charge Dial ..678-7667

    KANANASKIS VILLAGE RESORTFor Reservations & Information

    (No Charge Dial) 1-800-332-1013Kananaskis Village Resort

    Association 591-7555Keams S 591-7083Keeler M 591-7076Knapp Peter591-7881Knight Brent ManorBS 591-7156KnippleL591-7732KOKO'SLodgeAtKananaskis 591-7206Kraychy T N 591-7278LanoryC 591-7535Laserich J BoxlSOKananaskis 591-7994Lawrie D591-7299LeClaire Ron 591-7037Lee Mary Ann 591-7824Lee Robert591-7199Leitch Donald 591-7107Leonard Hilary 591-7143Lewis C591-7647Lodge At Kananaskis 591-7711LODGE AT KANANASKIS BEAUTY

    SALON THE RfcbonCreek .. 591-7431Loman August A 591-7898LoudenRobert D 591-7039Loughead J 591-7042Lowe T KnksLodge 591-7177LyonsT 24KananasklsVilge 591-7433Macnaughton K 591-7241Majer Tom591-7309Makarchuk M 591-7076Marr L D 591-7979Martin John591-7207McCallum Scott KananaskisVillage 591-7020McCleary RichBoxl30 591-7451McDougall Mac 591-7268McKee B 4StaffHousing591-7339Mellon Tim MtKlddRiverPk 591-7050Meyer Charles591-7542Michaud George KananaskisLdg 591-7113Miller Andy591-7203Miller H E Dr 591-7195Milroy A 591-7662Mirage AdventureTours Ltd

    KananaskisVillage 591-7773Mita Noaharu Kananask'isLodge591-7028Moore R G 591-7862Moss D KananaskisLodge 591-7148

    MOUNT KIDD R V PARKKananaskisCountry 591-7700If Busy Call591-7702

    MOUNTAIN GALLERYLodgeAtKananaskis 591-7610

    Murison Theresa 591-7254


    NAKISKA SKI RESORTBoxl988KananaskisVillage ... 591-7777

    Nasichuk William 591-7002Neilon Patrick 591-7088Nichol Ken AFortressJunction 591-7371Nunn Robert 591-7110O'Connor Jim T591-7427O'Donnell A 591-7407OILFIELD AMBULANCE SERVICE

    Call Collect Turner Valley 933-2222Ombudsman - Alberta

    Call '0' Operator (No Charge) & AskFor Zenith 22422

    Orum Brian Box262 591-7849Ossi's Jewellery & CurrencyExchange

    TheLodgeAtKananaskis 591-7292Ouellette Leo 591-7167Patterson Ken591-7408PEREGRINE SPORTS & RENTALS

    KananaskisVillageCentre ... 591-7453


    Picadilly Place KananaskisLodge 591-7595

    POISON CENTRE(No Charge Dial) 1-800—332-1414If Busy CallCalgary1-670-1414

    Police G R C- Vok Gendarmerie Royale DuCanada

    POLICE R C M P- See Royal CanadianMounted Pofice

    Poole W 591-7060

    RCMP- SeeRoyal Canadian Mounted Police

    Rauckman 5 591-7864Rea Cliff 591-7815Reid Craig 591-7762Reid L591-7127RENCZ & MCAVITY Lawyrs

    208 705 8St Canmore 678-5823Rheft Holdings Ltd 591-7970RIBBONCREEK GROCERIES

    KananaskisVillageDayLodge ... 591-7521Ribbon Creek Hostel591-7333

    For Reservations Banff 762-4122Robinson Brent KananaskisVillage591-7349Ross D 591-7084Ross J 208Manor88KananaskisVillage ...591-7092


    RUMORS LodgeAtKananaskis . 591-7322Rutiedge C 591-7910Saito A591-7724Sanchez Juan 591-7737Santo Grant 591-7478Sarkissian Robert591-7620Savitsky T Boxl84 591-7031Scullion R K MtKiddRiverPk591-7153Sellick Russell 591-7193SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED

    DISEASE/AIDS INFORMATION(No Charge Dial) 1-800—772-2437

    Sigler A 591-7232Sigler J C 591-7137Simpson Paul 591-7152SlaterK V 591-7220Smith C FortressMountain 591-7146Smith Clarke M591-7920SoperTrentBoxl30 591-7451SouthgateKCPeterLougheedProvPark .591-7682SPARROWHAWK PHOTO

    LodgeAtKananaskis 591-7967Sprado Tobe 591-7740Stemler K591-7547Sternloff R 591-7138Stewart T 591-7656Strain S Boxl30591-7793Strate L D 591-7579Tenzer M LwrKananaskisLakes591-7907Thevenet F 591-7863TIMBERLINE TOWING

    LTD Canmore 678-4249Torguson L 591-7089



    Interiakes Plant 591-7111Pocaterra Plant . 591-7112CanmofeOffice

    100 Glacier Dr 678-5101Emergency Calls Only 24 ffrs

    Canmore Office 678-5169Turcotte B 591-7041van Zyll de Jong JKananaskisldg 591-7059Veilleux Kim Boxl53 591-7914VeipoorteVictoria 591-7680Wade Brian Boxl44 591-7934Wagner J D591-7807Webster Robert F 591-7186Weimer Trevor

    KananaskisCountryGoifCourse 591-7079Weinmayr H 591-7136WestDavid 591-7087WILLIAM WATSON LODGE


    Alberta Treasury Branch-AgentSamsonMaB 522-3678

    Allan Geoffrey OuteauLakeLouise 522-2009ALPINE ESSO SERVICE

    461BanffAv Banff 762-2870

    AMBULANCEEMERGENCY ONLY ... Banff762-2000Office 762-2222

    Aporius R 522-2016

    ART OF MAN GALLERY522-3684ChateauLakeLouise .

    Asai Shin 522-3674Ash B 16 203Saddleback 522-3562Aubin DonaldA/SlateRd 522-3722Audet Martin 522-2084Aurora Ash522-3873Autocal

    Edmonton - Cal '0' Operator (No Charge) &Ask For Zenith22249

    Avalandie Forecasting & Controls .. 522-3982Baker CreekBistro The Boxivi 522-2182

    Canadian Fur Shop Of Saitoh (522-3SI1522-211


    (No Charge Dial) l-800-268-9Q<Chateau Lake Louise522-3Sl^


    Passenger Services - See Via Ral CanadaInc

    Carload Freight-Call Long Distance (No TolCharge) & Ask ForZenith 07371

    Carload Rates (NoChargePial).1-800-361-56C

    CANMORE AUTOPARTS (1985)733Ralway Av Canmore 678-S52S

    Cannon Patrick 522-20SCARAT ChateauLakeLouise ...522-3801Carosella Dean 522-36£7Carrier Samara 3 l03Fairview522-3671CASCADE ENGINEERING LTD

    Peschl's Comer Canmore678-42UCentral Air Conditioning

    Vancouver - Call '0' Operator (No Ctrarge) &Ask For ZenithOSSTf

    Chabroszewski Piotr 522-2157

    Handicapped FacJityWillis H Craig 591-7170woodD 591-7128 bakercreek chaletsYoung K 591-7114

    lac des arcs—Exshaw


    lake LOUISEFor deUllod AGT Ustlngs:

    M« Indox Pag* >f front of diroctory

    act service callsdirect distance DiAUNG 1long distance DIAUNG0directory assistance for

    Local Numbers & callingareas listed below 411

    Numbers in other AlbertaLocations(No Charge) 1 + 555-1212

    Numbers outside AlbertaCharge)

    1+Area Codef- 555-1212repair SERVICE

    (NoCharge) 611assistance 0buried cable location

    Phone 1-800-242-3447residence services

    (Toll Free) 1 + 530-8100(Hours 8 AM to 4:30 PM

    Monday to Friday)general inquiries

    (Main Switchboard)(Toil Free) 1 + 530-4200

    emergency calls('♦911" Does Not Apply)

    fire AURMonly 522-2000^SuCE— RCMP 522-3811ambulance Banff762-2000hospital Banff 762-2222POISON CENTRE^ Charge Dial).1-800-332-1414If BusyCall ... Calgary1-670-1414

    local calling areaYou can call without toll

    charges fromLake Louise to the following

    daceBanffJust dial the "seven" digit


    Accounts May Be Paid At:anv Treasury Br^h or

    Chartered Bank

    - r T limited^ nelaHed Listinas See Page 1

    inouiries Main Switchboard1-530-4200

    ^ J^ce &Single Line Business!!S.^ee) •• '̂ ^Igary1-530-8100,2^lSMRW"URANtinnCari>ouSt Banff 762-2562

    .Jffciive27 200Pipestone 522-3609'W'^nd Jif 28 lllLakeLooiseOr522-3835 button P 406 lllLakeLouiseDr 522-3956

    • ^.tfC Rt/moc MiLa r-nn ^

    Adahi, LOUIS


    ^ ciiafBfi t~800~772—2437• Canmore 678-4664

    SlBERTA 1ST call


    & RESTAURANTBox66 .522-3761

    CHATEAU LAKELOUISE 522-3511IfBusyCaO (522-3S2I

    |522-395<Fax 522-383)

    Chen B 27 ZOZSaddleback 522-20(1Christopher Reid lOlFa'irviewDr522-2013Clair S 522-3671Clark Larry S22-38SiClement J522-2061Cloutier M 522-233SComeau MichaeJ l lOlPmnacle 522-3^CooperGarry 37 202Saddleback 522-38StCorbiere C lOB 104Villa9eRd522-207(Corel!E 4 103Temple 522-2391Corraini Dennis A3lOlFalrviewDr 522-2105Corral Creek Hostel- See internationalHostel

    At Lake Louise &Canadian Alpine Centre 522-218t|Cottreau D522-2366:Couillaud 0 522-205$ ICoulson S 522-2081COUNTRYELEGANCE

    ChateauLakeLouise 522-2360Cozy Comer Deli 8i Eatery

    BanffAvMaU Banff 762-508$Craig Suzanne l 113Pinnade522-3730'Crichton Robert 522-20^ •

    CRIME STOPPERS(No Charge DiaO 1-800-242—8477

    CRISIS LINEDISTRESS / DRUG CENTRESanff 762-1251After Hours

    (No Charge Dial) 1-800-332-1287Crowfoot Gift Shop4LakeLou'iseTi1rfk . 522-3979

    CRYST'ELLE BEAUTYSALON ChateauLakeLouise ...522-3652

    Balmer S 522-3565Bambullis Martin 4 lOlPlnnacle 522-2069BANFFEMERGENCY MEDICAL

    SERVICESEMERGENCY ONLY Banff 762-2000Office Banff 762-2222

    Bardi Patrick 21a204Saddleback 522-3673Barnes AJistair522-2331Bavis Kevin Hilsidel7 522-3546Baxter LouisllVChateauLakeLoulse 522-3783Bayne D M lllLakeLouiseDr522-3728Bazinet Ken ChateauLakeLouise 522-2103Beaton Darryl 16202Saddleback 522-3930Beauchamp David 522-3552BED & BREAKFASTBUREAU

    Box369 Banff762-5070Bedard C 3a204Saddleback 522-2196Bedard PaulJ 522-3724BEE HIVE FAMILY RESTAURANT &

    PUB SamsonMall 522-3879BEE UNE CHICKEN & PIZZA

    SamsonMall 522-2006Belanger Luc 522-3553Belvedere Rick522-3548Berkinshaw R Coulton 75 i04Tempie. 522-3934BIG MOUNTAINREFRIGERATION

    APPUANCES 1986 LTD4-IndustrialPtace Canmore678-6248

    Biro Louis BoxlSO 522-3563Bischoff Bradley 522-2155Blake SteveBsmtlbloiFalrvfew 522-2081Blewaska R 522-2174Boone MChateauLakeLouise 522-3694Boudreau E 104 lllLakeLouiseDr522-3531Bow Corridor Continuing Education

    Council 335BeaverSt Banff 762-8114BOW VALLEY LANDSCAPING

    60X3242 522-3510BoyleJ 220 lllLakeLouiseDr 522-2115Brander Colin522-3784BREWSTER LAKE LOUISE

    STABLES 522-3872Stables Ext 142 522-3511Office Banff762-5454

    BREWSTER TRANSPORTATION &TOURSAgentChateauLakeLouise522-3544Banff Head Office 762-6700

    Brockman D 20a2a4Saddleback 522-2138Brumfit Mike 202SaddlebackDr522-2175Bryant Kevin 7 lOlPmnacte 522-3944BURIED CABLE LOCATIONSERVICE

    (No Charge Dial) 1-800-242-3447BurkeJohn G ChateauLakeLouise522-2002BURNCO ROCK PRODUCTS

    LTD Canmore 678-5541Bushey Rod 522-2068

    Cummings Donald 522-3996Czinger J 219 lllLakeLouiseDr522-2193Daigneault M 304ChateauLakeLouise ... 522-23^Danielle'sChateauLakeLouise 522-36^DAVID BROMLEY ENGINEERING

    (1983)LTD2FirBayl 200HawkAv Banff 762-8253

    DAVID THOMPSON RESORTBox 819 Rocky Mountain

    House Nordegg 721-2103,Davis Norman 522-381? |Deciercq B522-361$DEER LODGE BoxlOO .... 522-3991Deering G H 522-393SDepotThe- See The DepotByrnes Mike

    C P HOTELS & RESORTSReservations(No Charge DiaO1-800-268-9411Chateau Lake Louise 522-3511

    C P RAIL- See Canadian Pacific Ltd


    Cameron B 522-3566Charge - „••• •• •1-800-242-3447 CampbeiiRalph 522-3613

    wd^ta lUqUOr Control Board r-nnarllan Alrlinoc Int-omatlnnalIfH^ 93 &Lake Louise Dr 522-3955 Canadian AirlinesInternational Ltd(No Charge Dal) 1-800-372-9508

    Dettingmeijer Gus 10 203Saddleback .. 522-236$'Double VisionGlass ChateauLakeLouise 522-3564Dreier Rudi 522-3634Duvall B 111lllLakeLouiseDr 522-2355Earl Steve Rmll6ChateauLakeLoulse ...522-389$Elzerum C 522-2212Environment Council Of Alberta

    Gail '0' Operator (No Charge) & AskFor Zenith 06075

    FILM LAB ChateauLakeLouise .. ...522-3653


    Frtzpatrick Darrell 8 202Saddleback ... 522-3735Flodell G522-3716FlodeU Wade 522-3937Floris N A 86 lOITemple 522-2034ForbesLorraine 522-3605Forget-Me-Not Gifts SamsonMall 522-3826Fortin JlOSFairview 522-3629Forter Gary 522-3596Foster T 522-2179FosterVema Boxl77 522-2094Fraser Michael 522-2010French M 522-3723FrigonL lOOTempleOr 522-2135FryTom 522-3736GagnonJean Pierre522-2228Garven P & s 109aPinnacle 522-3958Gauvreau T522-2004Gendarmerie Royaie Du Canada

    Plaintes 24 Hr 522-3811Administration - Info 522-3812

    Girard L 26 202Saddlet)ackRd 522-2190caover GC3 200Saddleback522-3685Golby Randy 7 103FairviewDr .; 522-3915Golding Brian32LakeLouiseTrtrCrt 522-3741Goodchild M 522-2049GOODIESChateauLkLouise .. 522-3507GoodlakeJohn 205 lllLakeLouiseOr..522-2170Goodyear LSaSiateRd 522-2396GordashM 522-3756Gordon ^eily322 llllakeLouiseOr... 522-3690GoreMicheai OaSlate522-2027GOVERNMENT OF ALBERTA


    InformatiotvT D D NumljerSoXgeDiaO 1-800-232-7215

    c*per Information Hotiine-Ca« '0' Operator^ Charge &Ask ForZenith 22140Chid Abuse Hot Line 24 Hr Emergency-Call |0'

    Operator (No Charge) &Ask For .. Zenith 1234MunicipalAffairs

    Home Improvement Office - Call '0'Operator (No Charge) &AskFor Zenith 22093

    GOVERNMENT OF CANADAEnvironment CanadaCanadian ParksService

    Information Bureau 522-383324 Hour Emergency Service .. .Banff762-4506

    TRYING TOTRACK DOWN AfhJe^l government servicereferb^Svnada canhei> youSw KgE DIAL) 1-800-232-9481TD DONLY Edmonton495-4161

    Gouvemement du CanadaEnvironnement Canada

    Pares CanadaBureau de renseignements 522-3833

    Appels d'urgence (24 heures).. .Banff 762-4506SIVOUS IGNOREZ AQUELPROGRAMME OU^RVICE DU GOUVERNEMENT FEDERALVOUSADRESSERreference CANADA PEUTVOUSAIDERApSeLEZ sans FRAIS1-800-232-9481atmp Edmonton 495-4161

    greyhound lines of CANADALTDPassenger Fares &ScheduleIntonation(No Charge Dial)camson Mall 522-2121

    gSdUND lines of CANADALTDC/O lake Louise TaxiSamsonMall522-2121Fax Line 522-3867

    Guyot Dominique Box82 522-3808Hals L 522-3801Hanson Maria522-3745Hartley & Daneta's Convenience

    Store 522-3755Harvey James 522-3941HaslehurstT 522-3914Halt D522-2092Havers Julian 4Slate 522-3670HavlisMiroslav 522-2088

    f Hawley M 522-2136' HAYTAIL & CROWE HAIRSTYUSTS

    SamsonMall 522—2005Headon T UlLakelouiseDr 522-3717HEALTH UNITBanff 762-2990Hedges S 522-3720Hebner Antique ShopChateauLakeLouise522-2229

    HERTZ RENT A CAR(bateau Lake Louise 522-3969WortdwideReservations & Information (No

    Charge DiaO 1-800-263-0600Hill B A4 200Saddleback 522-2352HoganJason ChateauLakeLouise 522-3625Hogg Megan 522-3856Hoskin LarryBoxll3 522-3972

    HOSPITAL ,... Banff 762-2222Hughes Scott 522-3781Huisman Don 2lOlPmnade 522-2072Humphreys John 23HllsideCottage 522-2093Husar H522-2359IC G PROPANE

    421 36AvSE Calgary 221-8888Field EC 1-604-343-6424

    Ichikawa Takao 522-2227Ikeda Akiko 206Charteston 522-3962IMAGESOF THE NORTH

    ChateauLakeLouise 522-3699INTERNATIONAL HOSTEL AT LAKE

    LOUISE & CANADIAN ALPINECENTRE 522-2186For ReservationsBanff 762-4122

    [RWIN'S MOTOR INN429BanffAv Banff 762-4566

    Ishizaka C 522-2220Isnardy Gordon B2 lOlFairviewDr 522-2089ItamiAtsushi 522-2109Iwata M 522-3509Jackson K D 3 lOSTempte522-3977Jacobson D 522-3619James Mark 522-3824Jeffrey DanA2bl01Fairview 522-2053

    JOHNSTON CANYONBox87S Banff 762-2971

    Jones Colin 320ChateauLakeLouise 522-2036Jones D 522-2218Joy G522-2108JUNE QUALITY GIFTS

    C^teauLakeLouise 522-3803Kanata ChateauLakeLouise 522-3598KelmanCraig 20laSaddlebackRd 522-3908Kennedy Michael Boxi45522-3681Kennette Rob 412 lllLakeLouiseDr... 522-3946Keough C PBoxll2 522-2064Keough G 522-3861Kerr Mike 4 202Saddleback522-3890Killaly C 522-2116Kimball J Boxl28 522-2235King J C1lOlFairviewDr 522-2163KINGMIK EXPEDITIONS DOG SLED

    TOURS 522-3525Kitching Brad 522-3876Klimosko S317ChateauLakeLoiuse 522-2395Klinkhamer Steve BoxS 522-3602KochMalcolm 522-3620Kojima Y 1 103Fairview 522-2142Kono T522-3993Kowalewich Dianne 522-3973Kramer D 6 lOSFakview522-2340Krull Don Box3258LakeLouise 522-3541Kueller Steve12ParksCanadaTwnhse ... 522-3847Lafave S E 522-3649


    LAKE LOUISE ESSO BoxlBO .... 522-3574LAKE LOUISE GONDOLA522-3555

    LAKE LOUISE INNBox209 522-3791

    LAKE LOUISE UUNDROMATSamsonMall 522-2143

    Lake Louise Massage Clink: 200Hector 522-2210LAKE LOUISE MEDICALCUNIC

    200Hector 522-2184

    LAKE LOUISE MOTORSBox40 522-3777

    Lake Louise Postal Outlet SamsonMall 522-3870LAKE LOUISE SKIAREA 522-3555

    Fax Line 522-2095Charleston Residence Box555 522-3611

    LAKE LOUISE TAXI & TOURSSamsonMall 522-2020Admin Ofc522-2080

    Lalonde Greg lOSFalrvlew 522-2148


    Langlois C 127ChateaoLakeLouise 522-3587Langlois M127ChateaoLakeLouise 522-3587Langlois Norm 4Hillside 522-3647Lash WA4 lOlFarviewOr 522-2153Laubman D 200B4Saddleback 522-2376Law JBox555CharlstonInn 522-2037LeBlanc Ron Box2l2 522-2165Leedners S522-3645Leiand Gordon 522-2358Lemieux E 38 202Saddteback522-2346Lemire M 2 202Saddteback 522-2086Leslie Jill 107 104ViageRd522-2071Linstead L 522-3707Locke Charles 522-2015Loewen D M Box53522-3996Loewen P 522-2382Loleit Otto 522-3862Loucks G 34GovtTt1rCrt522-3592Louise Collections ChateailakeLouise .. 522-3818MacDonald K522-2026MacDougall A 522-3737MacFadyen D 522-3666Maclsaac N522-3569MacKeen A 522-3953MacNeil Hugh 20 204aSaddleback522-3721Magee C AlOlTempte 522-2162Marilley Chris ChateauLakeLouise522-2127Mark R ll 203Saddleback 522-2083Marquis D 522-3650MarrHartley iiibPinnacte 522-3933Marr Tovah & Tara lllBPinnade ....522-3773Marriott Ben J R Box3241 522-2157Martineau Daniel Box3220522-2122Mather John Bsmtl03bFairviev»Or 522-2129McAllister Len522-3798McCabe Peter 5 103Tempte 522-2209McCluskey R522-3975McCrory H 522-3907McElheran Twyia 522-3752Mclnnis S 3lOlPinnade 522-2118McLean B D 522-3779Mellis John C1 lOlFakview522-2139Mertin K 522-3715Meszaros I (3iateauLakeLouise 522-3501

    MIKE'S ELECTRIC80x1737 Banff 762-2871

    Millar Gordon K 6 202Saddleback 522-2059Millar Neil522-2117Millihuzin Sam 421 lllLakeLouiseDr .. 522-3819Mills DlOlFairviewOr 522-3749Mitzel Brett 522-3770Moldowan R illlllLakeLouiseDr 522-2355Molner John S J 522-3935MONOD'S SPORTSLTD

    ChateauLakeLouise 522-3837Moody A 324Bldg3Chateaul.akeLouise ...522-3990


    Morgan Andrew 7 i03FairviewDr 522-2097Morgan Terry522-3999Morrow K 522-3925MOUNTAIN ADVENTURE CANADA

    LTD Box99 Canmore 678-4338

    MOUNTAIN LIGHTSBOOKS & CRAFTSBookstore Art Galery &CraftsChateauLakeLouise 522-3734119 Banff Av Banff 762-8187

    MOUNTAINRESTAURANT Boxl80 .522-3573Fax Line 522-2180If Busy Call522-3574Mountain GiftShop 522-3575

    MOUNTAINEER LODGEBoxlSO 522-3844Fax Line 522-3902

    Munro C 522-3695Murch J 522-3799Nalto Takaaki i04ViageRd522-2233Nakamura Sliozo llHiside 522-2146Nelson Dean 9SlateRd522-2332Neuman Trevor 522-2374Newsome J 522-3789Nexhipi Joe522-3594Nicholas M J 522-2079Niemi M 522-3551Northern ArtImpressions SamsonMall. 522-2038

  • 80 LAKE LOUISE St Denis A ill lllLakeLouiseDr 522-2355St Denis JlOOTemplePf 522-3965


    Titcomb Ken 522-23CTRANSALTA UTILITIES

    CORPORATIONCanmore Office-Call '0' Operator (No Ctrarge)

    & AskFor Zenith 225CEmergency Calls Only 24 HrsCanmoreOffice-Call '0' Operator (No Ctarge)

    & Ask For Zenitfi 223CTrouten T A 522-222Tucker Brian522-3S?-Tumer Tarra 210 lllLakeLouiseDr 522-3S?UC S Gift ShopChateauLakeLouise .... 522-3631

    If Busy Call 522-21*UngerEric 522-396^Vanderzwet L llaSiateRd522-3SCVan Rijin T A22 2a4Saddleback 522-236Van Sickle Mike 421lllLakeLouiseDr . 522-23?:VIA RAIL CANADA INC

    Reservations-Information- Tickets By Mail(NoChargeDial) . . ..... 1-800-561-8631

    Reservations- Renseignements-Billetspar la Poste (Sans Frais

    Composez) 1-800-561-8631VICTORIA'S-AT-LAKE LOUISE

    ChateauLakeLouise 522-3521VILLAGE MARKET SamsonMaB ..522-3891Vincent Michael 28 202Saddleback .. - 522-379«Visions '88Lake Louise Souvenirs Ltd

    ChateauLakeLouise 522-365VogtWolfgang 73 104Temple522-3WWachenhut Jason 522-20*Wagar Derek 39GovemmentTrlrCrt522-37#Wake Charles Box3220 522-215Walker G AlOSIate 522-36*WallaceDavid 522-3^Warden Service AvaiancheStation 522-3^Weber Bill Boxl44522-38®Weber Doug 436overnmentTrailerCrt... 522-21®Wenk Robert522-22®WEST LOUISE

    LODGE Field BC 1-604-343-6311Whelan Jon 416ChateauLakeLouise522-366.,White L 522-3861 iWhitworth Carrie Y l 212 l04VillageRd522-22®Wiebe Rick 522-38^ |Williams D 522-23

  • MORLEYFor doUllod AGT Ustlnga:Indax Pago at front ofdiroctory


    Local Numbers & callingareas listed below 411

    Numbers In other AlbertaLocations(No Charge) 1 + 555-1212

    Numbers outside Alberta(No Charge)

    l+Area Code+ 555-1212REPAIR SERVICE


    Phone 1-800-242-3447RESIDENCE SERVICES 530-8100

    (Hours 8 AM to 4*30 PMMonday to Friday)

    GENERAL INQUIRIES(Main Switchboard) — 530-4200

    EMERGENCY CALLS("911" Do«8 Not Apply)

    FIRE ALARMONLY Cochrane 932-2222

    POLICE— RCMP Cochrane 932-2211AMBULANCE

    Canmore 1-678-5454Cochrane 932-2222

    HOSPITAL Canmore 1-678-5536POISON CENTRE

    ^o Charge Dial) .1-800-332-1414If Busy Call Calgary 670-1414

    LOCAL CALLING AREAYou can call wittiout toll

    chargesfrom Morley to the following

    placesCalgaryCochraneJust dial tfte "seven" digit


    Accounts May Be Paid At:any Treasury Branch or

    Chartered Bank

    AGT LIMITEDFor Detailed ListingsSee Page 1General InquiriesMainSwitchboard(Tol Free) Calgary 1-530-4200Residence &SingleLineBusiness(To* Free) Calgary 1-530-8100AGT Phone Centre

    223 Beaver St Banff 762-5696Advance Energy Ltd GhostLake881-2444AJDS/SEXUAUY TRANSMITTED

    DISEASE INFORMATION(No Charge Dial) 1-800-772-2437

    ALBERTA 1ST CALL(No Charge DiaO 1-800-242-3447

    AMBULANCECANMORE 1-678-5454COCHRANE 932-2222

    Amos Albert 881-2171Amos Albert 881-2427Anderson Bruce D GhostLk881-2378Arnold William C 881-2470Autocal

    Edmonton - Cal '0' Operator (No Charge)&Ask For Zenith22249

    Bailey Herbert GhostLk 881-2170Bariow B GhostLk 881-3978BearspawS BoxlSO 881-2010Beaver Keith 881-2019Belsher Glenn R GhostLk881-2406

    BIG HILL TOWING217 2AvE Cochrane 932-3336

    Boyd B 881-3934BoydCG 881-3934Brusset Michel 881-2334BURIEDCABLE LOCATION SERVICE

    (No Charge DiaO 1-800-242-3447Buzogany K 0 881-2190C P RAIL- SeeCanadian Pacific Ltd

    Cameron H GhostLk 881-2270Canadian Airlines InternationalLtd

    (No Charge DiaO 1-800-372-9508CANADIAN PACIFIC LTD

    C P RailCarload Frelght..Call Long Distance (No Toll

    Charge) &AskFor Zenith 07375Carload Rates (NoChargeOlal).1-800-361-5647

    CANADIAN WESTERNNATURAL GAS COLTDNATURAL GAS SERVICECochrane932-5565After Hours CallCalgary 245-7222

    Cardinal Coach Lines Ltd

  • 82 MORLEY

    Stoney Tribal Administration Office (Contd)MorteyCommunitySchool 881-3966Nakoda Institute 881-3949Post Office881-3664Public Works 881-3595Recreation Complex 881-3910SocialServices 881-3871STONEY MEDICINE LODGE -ALCOHOL & DRUGABUSE

    TREATMENT CENTREBoxl287 Cochrane 932-5333

    Stoney Trtoal Police 881-3813Tliiessen R GhostLake881-2340TRANSALTA UTIUTIES

    CORPORATIONCochrane Office217 Bow St 932-2373

    (Continued Next Column)


    Canmore Office

    100 Glacier Or Direct Line (NoCharge)263-5171Emergency Cais Only24 Hrs

    Cochrane Office 932-6371Canmore Office Cal '0' Operator (No

    Charge) &Ask For Zenith 22342Tuily Jack R 881-3625TURBOSERVICE STATIONS- For ust

    Of Dealers See Yelow Pages Under

    Heading-Service Stations

    Twoyoungmen Gavin 881-3509Vryheid Andre 881-2222Watts BobBox894Cochrane 881-2372Wesley C 881-2161Wesley E 881-2339WesleyIvan 881-2126Wolf C&d 881-3667

    NUM-TI-JAH LODGE— SeeSaskatchewan RiverCrossing, RedDeerTelephone Directory

    SASKATCHEWAN RIVERCROSSING— See RedDeer TelephoneDirectory

    SEEBE— See Exshaw


    See Banff


  • TM

    Yellow Pages

DISTANCE - Amazon Web Services · 2019. 10. 6. · Wattie D 328PioneerRd 678-6620 Watts Peter 915 9St 678-4800 Webster Shawn 2176rizzlyCr 678-6150 Weeks E 12LarchCr 678-5301 WeigheH - [PDF Document] (2024)


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